5 Web Design Trends to Watch for This Year

January 24, 2017   Post By: Digital Solutions

With the arrival of New Year, we are putting our plans and revolutions in motion. Speaking of which, it’s time to have a look at the direction of web design to be followed this year. Following are a few factors that will influence the market in 2017:

Traditional Web Design Will Cast-off

Traditional web design has faded as user experience is prioritized over web design. Traditional web design was all about giving the site a sophisticated and elegant look, while today everyone is obsessed with the user experience.

Nowadays, a Web design has encompassed something much more and has morphed itself into something bigger. Today, web designers are rebranded as experience designer because their job is not only limited to upstate the look of your site. Instead, they need to improve the experience of your users however they can.

Interactive UI

2016 oversaw remarkable developments in Conversational Interfaces; this leaves no doubt that 2017 will mark itself as the year of conversational commerce.  This year, people will interact with companies, services, and bots more than ever. They will do this with chat, and other language interfaces.

With platforms like Slack, and WeChat taking the toll, messaging will overtake social networks along with app downloads. This has pushed the corporate hands to find a way for capitalizing this opportunity. This may make conversational user interface and its design an important debate for designers in 2017.

GIFs and Animations

An increasing number of websites and apps have used animations in the past, but with the updates in GIFs, it won’t be long that these will become an important element of your web design. We hope to see some of that in 2017. As these are already tried on Facebook and Twitter, Gifs will soon become a part of your web design.

Just avoid overusing them. These are effective to draw a user’s attention. Also, these will help you to offer a rich experience, explain your business and offer a guide to your users.  With so many tools to create Gifs, we hope to see some action this year.

Reintroduction of Responsive Design

The responsive design will continue its dominance this year as it helps for a better UX. CSS media queries provides flexible websites and lets them adjust according to the different devices they are being accessed from.

Last year, Google changed the ranking algorithm to promote websites with optimized content and this year, we will see many companies striving to improve their presence. Being a website provider, we have to embrace the situation and realize the fact there is nothing such as one solution to all your problems.


Minimalistic web designs were here for a few years, but let’s get real, no one really wanted these for their site. Everyone was looking for an exotic design, but that doesn’t help anymore. A lot has changed, and web designs with fewer details are appreciated. With the fact that Homepages have become a business card and entry points are a doorway for more information. So change according to the revolving trends!