Domain & Hosting Services

Site Maintenance Services

We cater to all your website maintenance needs. The best part is that we have all the tools so that we can keep your website running at all times.

Plus, we can take care of an outdated extensions, apps and outdated plugins. We can also optimize your site for an improved performance. When it comes to maintenance, then we can also upload new content for your website. Plus, we can update any new media content. We also have the capability to introduce new themes for your website.

Domain Name and Registration

Well, domain name is undoubtedly your unique identity. We provide the best hosting and domain registration services. You can also get a built-in hosting firewall with our hosting service for protecting your website. Plus, you can get a free SSL certificate also.

We also provide cPanel so that you can install WordPress scripts with the click of a mouse.

Website Security

We have comprehensive site audits and it becomes easy to identify the potential performance issues. The good news is that we can easily patch any website security loopholes. We conduct in-depth site analysis to identify the root cause of any malware infections. We can implement the firewalls for protecting your data.
Our website security team has the capability to repair all the corrupt files. Once we get done with the security analysis, our team will provide in-depth analysis report for ensuring that all the potential threats have been removed.

We also carry out critical file inspection on your website to remove any unwanted files.